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The Drupal database

A portion of the Drupal is shown below.

Abstraction hierarchy:

Drupal datamodel

The DDL statements for construction of this portion of a Drupal database:

database drupal.

base name (A60).
base name (A32).
type users = name, pass.

base node type (A32).
base title (A128).
base body (T).
base teaser (T).
type node (I9) = node type.
type node revisions (I9) = node, user, title, body, teaser.
type comments (I9) = node.

base name (A255).
base description (T).
type vocabulary (I9) = name, description.
type term data (I9) = name, description.
type vocabulary node type (I9) = vocabulary, node type.
type term node (I9) = node, term data.